MANDULA is a fine balance of modernism, minimalism and old world sentimentality. Most notably, it stands in the realm of experimentation with raw, natural materials, including antique and found objects that are incorporated into each design. Blended with fabrics such as cashmere, silk and handwoven linen, the luxury line marries traditional European craftsmanship with contemporary artistic innovation. 

Founder and Creative Director, Hajnalka Mandula, was introduced to this approach early on in her native Hungary. At the age of 9, she disassembled her grandfather’s woolen pants to explore their construction, an experience that developed her understanding of tailoring. Shortly after, she made her first pair of trousers. Her innate need to express creativity through quality craftsmanship would become the heart of MANDULA.

The importance of sustainability and raw organic materials have always been paramount to the distinct approach to design that has become synonymous with the MANDULA label. Pieces are individually made by hand in studio by a highly skilled team. 

MANDULA’s signature ease of wear and aversion to gendered design have amassed a broad audience. Most garments are constructed with a loose silhouette and versatility, allowing the wearer to adjust the pieces to their desired fit and expression. Today, the flagship store is located in Vancouver, Canada. Book an appointment here.

MANDULA has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Elle Canada, Elle Mexico, Surface Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Flare Magazine, Fashion Magazine, The National Post and also in Fashion Television

Awards and Honors:  B.C. Creative Achievement Award; GenArt’s New Garde; Vancouver Museum presentation “Movers and Shapers”; B.C. Apparel Joseph Segal Award; Matinee Foundation Grant, Ethics in Action Environmental Excellence Award

MANDULA clients include many prominent artists, amongst them are Halle Berry, Lenny Kravitz, Scarlet Johansson, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Chantal Kreviazuk


Photo: Hajnalka Mandula’s family and friends dressed in MANDULA